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What is truly valuable?  What is precious?  Feral Jewelry takes a new look at these questions and creates jewelry that connects the wearer to the eternal nature of nature itself.  A new mash-up of the organic with the most classically precious metals and stones, these creations are for those who love the out of doors, have a bit of an edge, and are unafraid of self-expression.


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Tel: 203.554.7195

Instagram: @feraljewelry

Susan Oster launched Feral Jewelry in 2016.  After twenty years working in interior design, she turned her attention to jewelry, focusing on her love of nature and animal forms. Feral is her unbridled look at what it means to be both glamorous and undomesticated - to love the great outdoors and also be completely feminine.  It is a fearless approach to self expression and statement of strength.  Each piece is handmade is the USA; all parts are organic, recycled, and constructed in the timeless tradition of fine jewelry.