/ferəl, firəl/


(especially of an animal) in a wild state, especially after

escape from captivity or domestication.

The mission behind Feral is one of connectivity; your connection to the earth and vastness of time before you and all that will come after....to celebrate and elevate the natural elements that connect the wearer to Mother Earth, the Animal Kingdom and all they provide.  In the process, we hope the shapes and materials in each piece offer you a sense of empowerment, because, like any animal, they are born with protection, intention, and beauty.


This jewelry isn't about the latest trend or creating unapproachably fancy pieces to impress.  It's about self-expression; wearing something with meaning and sustainability.  It's about examining what you find precious and elevating that to it's proper place in the jewelry you wear.


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Susan Oster launched Feral Jewelry in 2016.  After twenty years working in interior design, she turned her attention to jewelry, focusing on her love of nature and animal forms. Feral is her unbridled look at what it means to be both glamorous and undomesticated - to love the great outdoors and be completely feminine.  She studied design at both Carnegie Mellon University and UCLA and is inspired by her many trips to mountain locations, years of athletic training, love of animals of all kinds, and commitment to sustainability.

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