• Susan Oster

Christmas is coming; how fat is your goose?

So, this year we went to the mountains, again, for Thanksgiving. Nothing strange about that - our family does it every year and I'm thrilled to say that Feral is now in a store in that wonderful town of Park City - Dressed Design (yes, cheap ad placed here. But it's a great store. If you have the opportunity, go!)

But we got home to a very clean and empty house without decorations up, and I have not started to feel the spirit. I am perusing the internet from my Los Angeles home, looking for appropriate gifts for friends and family as this city is in serious shut down, and I find it lacking in the joy and bodily stress and smells and inevitable lunches with friends and discoveries made in the actual shopping experiences of years past.

What we all are learning from Covid and this year is that we won't be seeing each other much...for me, that means I don't feel the burning desire to break my neck putting up a tree and all the garland - hauling heavy boxes up from the basement.

I do think, however, that it means more than ever we must strive to connect in other ways. I have a dear friend in this business who makes a bracelet with a message that reads, "Call your mother".

Call your mother. Call everyone. Don't text.

Around now, I think this is harder than ever. We are beginning to see the light but also the darkness of not only the pandemic but of human nature. We have a long way to go before we are out of the way of this thing and back together as a nation.

I offer you this as a designer and as a brand I hope you look to as an idea for gifts this year - if there is something special you would like to have made or to buy, send me a note, and I will do my best to make it happen. I would rather get or give one special, deeply desired item than a bunch of random stuff this year; something I would remember this year by and hold dear as a talisman of getting through.

Thank you for another year together and I look forward to our new future. May it truly be merry and bright.

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