The forest collection was our first, and perhaps the dearest to our hearts.  It is the collection from which all the others were born. Using naturally shed and recycled materials, the intention behind this collection was to elevate life itself into the world of the intrinsiclly precious, to make beautiful things from the wild kingdom and bring a new sense of wild freedom to fine jewelry. 

The Spikes

The spikes began simply - by putting a piece of antler through a band of silver.  From there, this iconic jewel has grown into the cornerstone of Feral's collection and it's now our best known piece.  Whether you love the humble antler or the rock-and-roll full bling, you know it's ours, and we couldn't be prouder. 

Native Inspiration

Thanks to a exceptionally diverse family and interest in cultural patterns, as a designer I have been exposed to, given and purchased patterns from Native peoples of the Americas.  They are among the most beautiful, mathematically thought-out and timeless patterns in the world. 

Glamorous Sustainability

Our teams uses recycled gold, ancient fossils (usually over 10 thousand years) old parts and every scrap of materials we get our hands on, as long as it's beautiful.  Even our packaging is sustainable.  We have learned that limitlessness doesn't  force creativity. Boundaries do, and those that are good for the planet are in line with the mission of this brand; to align yourself with all that has come before and all that will remain.